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2002 İDIY Software

2002 02 02 - c00l date, eh? ;)
SHite_New_Look! Howdayalikeit?
Historic v1.1 2001 09 18

The new version of Historic. This time it is radically changed! It has been adapted for English-speaking public, as it starts with English language by default, making you feel satisfied with its funcitonability :)
2001 04 26
Well, this time there is a thing for you to offer. I've written a short tiny program called Istorikas(Historic). I supports a simple language-localisation feature, so it is shipped with an english-version too.
2001 04 26
2001 04 23
Alas, no recent news for English version... I'm being pressed too much with my studies and I think, I'll stay patriotic to my native-language-based software for one more programming season, unless the future users of my ware will demand for translated versions.
2000 07 09
OK. Please consider for a while the Lithuanian version of the SHite, as I would have to localize all my soft into English, and that's impossible at the moment. As I don't have any pure English software, the English version is about to stay empty!
Anyway, (sooner || later) I'll upload the final release of my BlockIt2.0 program here. & I'm too lazy 2 make any English versions of it, because I don't receive any "orders" to write smth like that. the way, what are you doing here, in the section of English programs? If I were you, I'dn't search for a mushroom in a lockery.
First SHite entry
2000 04 16
The SHite is a personal site. I don't dedicate it to anyone. It's all about programming and the results of it(software). As it is mine, well, I can do whatever I want with it. The SHite will mostly develop in the Lithuanian version(all LT'ians, who read this, get your a$$ out of this page right about now!). Nothing to write at this point any more.

About the author
    Historic 1.1
    In this new version bugs, considering the program launch at the first time (e.g. the each first time over your new project of Visual Studioİ), were eliminated!
    What does the program do anyway?
    Simply it appends your note to the beginning :) of your history.txt. Also, it provides additional information (date, time, the count of the source code lines, files of witch you specify).
    It's a very good tool for all programmers, who are eager to write their project's history, bug-list, etc...

    Download the newest version; IT's EVEN SMALLER!: Historic v1.1 (35.8KB).
    Download the old one: Historic v1.01 (37KB).

About the author
I appreciate your consideration :)
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